The T-60 is one of the most advanced drones made for commercial use. This drone has three flight modes manual mode, GPS mode and Return to Home. The retractable landing gear enables a free dead angle for aerial photo shooting and the removable arm design makes the drone easy to transport from one location to another.
With the landing gear and propellers all manufactured from carbon fiber it has great durability. The FPV monitor has the interface to support video output and finally the Aircraft will be automatically activated to failsafe mode if it flies out of range. The T-60 will automatically return to the take off point and land safety.
As with all of the commercial drones we offer, the T-60 can be modified to meet your specific requirements or needs.
  • Reconnaissance Operations
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Border patrol Missions
  • Traffic Control/Traffic Reporting
The Sprayer 10 is a Great Commercial Drone for various applications.  You are more than likely to find this particular drone at home on the farm. Equipped with a supply tank this Drone can cover approximately 1 -2 acres per minute. With the flying time of approximately 20 minutes.  This equates to 40 acres in the 20 minute flight time.
This is an extremely versatile drone that can be ordered in our Gizmos Store, with  all the options you may need to accomplish the task you may have it mind.
The various uses for this Drone and its cousins can be used for are:
  • Fire Inspections in remote areas
  • Land Surveying
  • Remote accident investigations
  • Search and Rescue missions
  • Crowd Control

Why are we called DRS Gizmos?

So what is a gizmo? Guess that would depend on where you look up the definition. If we go to Wikipedia, we can probably find the best description and why we decided to call our site a gizmo. Just remember that D rones R   S pecial  Gizmos. (
So here is what Wikipedia says…

A gizmo is a gadget, especially one whose real name is unknown or forgotten.

Gizmo or Gismo may refer to:
   1 Technology
   2 Entertainment
   3  Other uses

Technology is where we land. With Drones becoming more involved in industry and our daily lives, we have a great listing of  commercial  units.  All of the Commercial Drones we offer can be customized to suit your individual needs or requirements.
If you have a specific task for a drone, on our storefront, pick the task that you're  interested in or one that is closest to your needs. When you click on that image you will be taken to a page where you will be able to select the drone you want and any options that maybe available. So please enjoy the site and be sure to let us know what you liked and what you didn’t like as well, using the comment form.

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In this brief video watch the Sprayer 5 working.
To order the Sprayer 5 or any of the Drones we offer go to gizmos store and select the field of use that best describes the area in which your task resides.
So if for instance you want to have a drone for say Aerial Photography, then select the Geometrics image and you will be given a choice of drones to select from.